We are a completely British company that designs and produces desirable metal objects for modern living. We specialise in creating beautifully-designed boxes, from postboxes to bathroom cabinets. We have something for everyone, whether you are a design enthusiast, gardener, home-maker, proud mother, or film buff.

The current collection includes the iconic Kong Box, Seed Boxes and Egg Boxes, which have won awards and commendations. We also produce bathroom cabinets, outstanding postboxes, versatile small cupboards, and boxes for people who love their pets but don’t love the associated clutter.

Our imaginations don’t just stop with boxes and storage. Inspired by the robots and Noah’s Arks of our 1960s youth and using the technology of today, we have created a series of innovative night lights and a range of robot clocks.

We are motivated by good design. Our products are not just functional; they must also look fantastic at home or in the office. Whether you prefer classic designs, funky retro or urban chic, you will find something to suit your style.